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Jacqueline Joncas

Actress | Writer | Stage Manager


About Me

Hello! My name is Jacqueline Joncas. I'm an actress, writer, and stage manager originally from rural  Maine. As a child, I grew up working on farms and horseback riding in a competitive equestrian circuit; through this, I learned how to be focused, driven, and determined - which has translated over to my artistic life. As an actress, I strive to breathe life into each character. As a writer, I seek to expose the humanity inside every story. As a stage manager, I endeavor to support my troupe (cast, creative team, and crew) in every way I possibly can. I am currently a member of Irondale Ensemble Project, one of America's longest-standing permanent ensemble companies, located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn in NYC. ​

What's New

October 2023 

Jacqueline was in the premiere of Tennessee Williams' American Blues, a collection of five short plays, at The Space at Irondale. She played Miss Dorothy Simple in The Case of the Crushed Petunias and Esmeralda in Ten Blocks on the Camino Real. The play ran from October 27 - November 26.

April 2023

Jacqueline was in American Century, a devised musical telling the history of American Theatre, at The Space at Irondale. She plays herself as well as Elizabeth from Arthur Miller's The Crucible. The play ran from April 28 - May 21.

January 2023

Jacqueline was a junior producer helping to head on Irondale Ensemble Project's Revolving Door Theatre Festival. Revolving Door gave 7 groups of young theatre professionals free rehearsal and performance time at The Space at Irondale. The idea of this festival was to give young theatre makers a safe place to try and mentorship to succeed.

May 2022

Jacqueline was in Brecht's heartbreaking play, Mother Courage and Her Children at The Space at Irondale. She played Kattrin, Courage's mute daughter. The show ran from May 12 - Jun 4

March 2022

Jacqueline became a member of Irondale Ensemble Project's acting company.

October 2021

Jacqueline stage-managed alice...Alice...ALICE!, a devised work by the Irondale Ensemble, at The Space at Irondale. The show ran from October 21 - Dec 5.

February 2018

Jacqueline had a supporting role in Back 2 Zero's music video Throw You Out, directed by Lucas Ruderman. Watch the video HERE.

November 2017 - March 2018

Jacqueline was a member of The Complete Theatre Company, she performed in various improv and sketch comedy shows at The Producers Club.

May 2017

Jacqueline graduated magna cum laude from Manhattanville College with a BA in Dance and Theatre (theatre concentration) and a minor in Creative Writing. 

Headshots & Production Stills

John R. Ziegler and Leah Richards, Thinking Theater NYC

Joey Simms, American Theatre Magazine

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